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Vitamin & Mineral Support

Vitamins and minerals play a critical role in equine health and are an important component of good nutrition. The vitamin and mineral content of feeds, such as hay and pasture, vary greatly depending on soil, plant species, time of year (plant maturity) and weather conditions. Factors such as overgrazed pastures and hay harvesting techniques can affect nutrient levels in your horseâ™s diet as well.

To ensure your horseâ™s daily nutritional requirements are met, talk to your veterinarian about vitamin and mineral supplementation with high-quality products from Select The Best®. Your vet will make recommendations based on your horseâ™s existing diet, age, current health condition and exercise routine.

Once you try our products, we think youâ™ll see a difference.

Joint Support

Oral joint supplements are increasingly popular for use in horses. As a category, these products are designed to be âœchondroprotective,❠which means they are formulated to help supply the âœbuilding blocks❠for healthier articular cartilage. This process is thought to help provide healthy joints and keep a full range of motion for all horses. Furthermore, some oral joint supplements contain ingredients that may provide comfort, and strengthen equine joints.

Select The Best® offers a complete line of joint care products designed to meet the specific needs of your horse.

Hoof & Coat Support

Select-The-Best® Hoof & Coat Supplements are designed to provide the nutrients needed to help improve hoof and coat condition in all horses. Balanced levels of Biotin, Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Methionine, and Lysine are just a few of the important nutrients found in Select The Best® products and are vital to healthy hooves and coats.

Use our Hoof & Coat Supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet and Select The Best® Vitamin & Mineral Supplements to ensure optimal equine health. Talk to your veterinarian about which products are right for your horse.

Horse Health Support

Providing your horse with a longer, healthier, quality life involves good management practices on your part. Along with proper diet and exercise, as well as regular vaccination and deworming practices, supplements that support healthy immune, respiratory and digestive systems can ward off potentially life-threatening complications in your horse.

Select The Best® has developed an extensive line of Horse Health Support products formulated to ensure good health over your horseâ™s lifetime. When used as part of an overall wellness program, these products are designed to help keep your horse going for years to come.

Energy and Weight Gain Products

Research has shown that difficult to keep horses may benefit from dietary fat supplementation. Not only does fat provide added calories in the equine diet, it is also shown to be a more efficient source of fuel for horses. Unlike grain supplementation, which can make horses âœhot,❠adding fat in the equine diet provides improved energy efficiency without the unwanted behavior associated with feeding grains.

Select The Best has developed a line of Energy and Weight Gain Products that help meet the energy requirements of horses. Each product is scientifically formulated with dietary fats that are formulated specifically for equine rations for horses. Talk to your veterinarian about which is right for your horse.

Value Packs

Select The Best® now offers some of its most popular products in new economical ValuePaks! Each ValuePak contains a 30-day supply of your favorite product in an easy-to-store re-sealable bag. Besides being cost efficient, ValuePaks are easy on the environment--each reduces landfill waste by 90 percent when compared to a traditional bucket holding the same volume!


All of our products are backed by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), an industry group dedicated to protecting and enhancing equine health in the United States by improving and standardizing the animal supplement industry. Look for the NASC Quality Seal on all our product packaging. This quality guarantee assures our supplements are in compliance with NASC guidelines, so you can be confident your horse is receiving only the best.

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